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September 30 2014

HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:  [140928][AKATA] Massage   Enjoy.




EROGE:     NEW RELEASE:  [140926] [脳内彼女] 女装学園(妊) Josou Gakuen   It was a sudden confession. Kento’s classmate Aoi was like an unattainable flower whom he could only watch from afar. Now, Aoi stood in front of him in the classroom at night. “I love you! Please go out with me!” He couldn’t imagine that it would finally be his turn to get a girlfriend. He was convinced that he wasn’t that popular and it must be a punishment game, he ran away in confusion. The next morning, the principal made an abrupt revelation: the school was actually a boys’ school! The cute kouhai in his club. The pretty, but delinquent-like senpai. Yes, that ‘girl’ who confessed to him last night too. They’re all guys! Enjoy.


Download | 1.5 GB


EROGE:     NEW RELEASE:  [140926][HOOKSOFT] MeltyMoment ミニファンディスク すみれ&千恵美Ver.    Enjoy.


Download  | 1 GB






September 29 2014

HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW UNCENSORED RELEASE:  [140926] Choukou Sennin Haruka Vol.1超昂閃忍ハルカ   UNCENSORED - SUBTITLED. Enjoy.



EROGE:     NEW RELEASE:  [140926][戯画] パサージュ!Passage! ~Passage of Life~    Yuuya grew up on the Myoujin shopping arcade alongside his four childhood friends, Nana, Risa, Mio and Ayako. One day, he joined the graduation album production committee. He felt growing uneasiness as the preparations made him think of his future. What dream does he wish to pursue? What will happen to his unchanging days with his osananajimis? He wasn’t the only one who fretted about this. The future is still a long ways away. They look to make memories at the school festivals and other events during the last year before their graduation. Along the way, their relationship begins to change: from childhood friends to lovers. This is their own special story for something that could happen to anyone in any place Enjoy.





EROGE:     NEW RELEASE:  [140926][すたじお緑茶] 南十字星恋歌  Minamijuujisei Renka   Ryousuke’s twin imoutos Rena and Rina are geniuses who had already finished all their university courses and now work at the research facility at the southern island nation of Guinberne. He was worried about them, wondering if they would overwork themselves and fall down. So, he decided to transfer to a school in Guinberne, where he was put into the ‘special treatment’ class full of peculiar students. Enjoy.








September 28 2014

HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:  [140926][メリー・ジェーン]すぽコン!~SPORTS WEAR-COMPLEX~ 上巻 アスリートボディのゆ・う・わ・く | Spocon! Vol. 1    Enjoy.





ANIME:    Tribe Cool Crew 1, a DANCING anime, looks interesting. Aikatsu 99. Kindaichi  25. Sword Art Online II  11-12. Space Dandy 13 END. Matsutarou 23. Akame ga Kill 13. Ace of Diamond 49-50. PriPara 11-12.Tokyo Ghoul 12 END. Enjoy.



September 27 2014

HENTAI MAGAZINES:    Comic_Tenma_2014-10.  Comic_Aun_2014-10. Enjoy.


HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:   [140926][ピンクパイナップル] 臭作 THE ANIMATION コアMIX メガ盛り オカズですよ 第二話  KISAKU KOA MIX Vol.2  Enjoy.











September 26 2014


HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:  [140926][ピンクパイナップル] フリフレ THE ANIMATION ~制服堕天使の課外授業~Furifure The Animation Vol.1  Enjoy.





HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:  [140926][PoRO] 町ぐるみの罠~白濁にまみれた肢体~ 「チビ可愛ゆいの恥辱ジェラ・ハメ馴染む街コン」<次回入荷10月初旬の予定>Machigurumi no Wana: Hakudaku ni Mamireta Shitai  Vol.4 Enjoy.








September 25 2014

HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:  [140808][メリー・ジェーン]女子校生の腰つき ビリヤード部創部編 | Joshikousei no Koshitsuki Vol. 4  ENGLISH SUBTITLED.  Enjoy.



ANIME:    Hero Bank 25. Hanayamata 12 END. Hamatora  12 END. Majin Bone 26. Ao Haru Ride  12 END. Free 13 END. Hunter x Hunter 148 END, THIS IS IT, if we are lucky with the mangaka - Togashi´s laziness (laziest mankaga ever, seriously) we will see a Hiatus x Hiatus continuation/reboot in some 10 or 20 years, at the hiatus peace that guy is going.  Zankyou no Terror 11 END. Persona 4 The Golden  12 END. Enjoy.





September 24 2014

3D HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:  [140921][Doll House] Support_Girl  Enjoy.







HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:   [140829] 鬼父 Rebuild Oni Chichi  Rebuild Vol.2 ENGLISH SUBTITLED.  Enjoy.







September 23 2014

ENTAI MANGA:    [トグチマサヤ] 艶女交妻 ~淫らなママの愛し方~ +メッセージペーパー、複製原画 / [Toguchi Masaya] Enjo Kousai -Midara na Mama no Aishikata- [2014-06-20].  [ニム] かしましふぁっきんぐ! / [Nimu] Kashimashi Fucking! [2014-07-31]   [柳ひろひこ] TERIRA ~テリ裸 柳ひろひこカラーイラスト集~ [DL版] / [Yanagi Hirohiko] TERIRA -Yanagi Hirohiko Collor Illustration Shuu- [2014-07-12] Enjoy.






HENTAI MOVIES:     UNCENSORED EROGE RELEASE:  [130515][130426] [MangaGamer] Tick! Tack! + Update 1.01 ENGLISH-UNCENSORED Enjoy.







September 22 2014

HENTAI MAGAZINES:    Comic Aun 2014-09.   Comic MILF 2014-10.  Enjoy.













September 21 2014

ANIME:    Akame ga Kill 12. Matsutarou 22.  Kindaichi  24.  Dramatical  Murder 12 END.  Persona 4 11. Space Dandy 12. Haikyuu 25. Baby Steps 25 END, BUT season 2 is coming Aoril 2015! Awesome news, this is a very good sports series, and it will get much more awesome, as ans ofg the manga we are quite happy to get upcoming arcs adapted!. Sailor Moon Crystal 6.  Aldnoah.Zero  12 END. Mahou Shoujo Taisen 24. Enjoy.




HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:  [140829] ばくあね 弟しぼっちゃうぞ! THE ANIMATION  Baku Ane: Otouto Shibocchau zo! The Animation   Vol.1 ENGLISH SUBTITLED.  Enjoy.







September 20 2014

HENTAI MOVIES:    NEW RELEASE:     [140509][AniMan] 艶美 その弐 Enbi Vol. 2 Enjoy.



HENTAI MOVIES:    NEW RELEASE:     [140919][じゅうしぃまんご~]OVA巨乳トライ!-短期集中乳揉みレッスン- #1 レッスンスタートKyonyuu Try! Tanki Shuuchuu Chichi Momi Lesson   Enjoy.




HENTAI CG:      [140725][spindle] Imouto Chichi Scandal -Medete yo, Onii-chan-.  [140725][CYCLET] Kusari no Kankei -Tsubasa wo Mogareta Kago no Tori-.  [140725][CYC NO-NOS] Hara Marriage -Tabegoro Body wa Ninshin Chuu!-.  [140725][catwalkNERO] Gakuen Caste -Youmuin Gesuyama no Gyakuten Shihai Seikatsu-.  [140725][CandySoft] Kakurenbo -Futari Dake no Himitsu no Jikan-.  [140725][a-kaguya CheshireCat] Juku Volley ~Shigoki Shigokareru Nareta Hitozuma-tachi~.  Enjoy.






September 19 2014

HENTAI MOVIES:    NEW RELEASE:     [140913][White Bear] 天然恋色アルコール 後編 ~ヒミツノハナゾノ& Honey Snow~ Tennen Koi-iro Alcohol Vol.2  Enjoy.



HENTAI MOVIES:    NEW RELEASE:     [140905][メリー・ジェーン] 乳色吐息 下巻 妹に兄の威厳を見せつけろ Chichiiro Toiki Vol.2   Enjoy.






September 18 2014

ANIME:    Hero Bank 24   Majin Bone 25.  Dramatical Murder 11. Hamatora  11. Hanayamata 11.  PSYCHO-PASS  11. Kindaichi  23.  Zankyou no Terror 10.  Ao Haru Ride  11.  HxH 147. Free 12   Locodol 12.  Argevollen 12. Enjoy.









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