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April 15 2014


HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:   [140411][Queen Bee] たゆたゆ #4 / Tayu Tayu Vol. 4. Enjoy.





EROGE:     NEW RELEASE:   [140425] [おとこの娘倶楽部] あにラブ ~女装美少年革命!~   Enjoy.









April 14 2014


HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:   [140411][Queen Bee] たゆたゆ #4 / Tayu Tayu Vol. 4. Enjoy.









April 13 2014


HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:  [140328][PoRO]鬼父2-REVENGE- 「卑されおかっぱお袴ッ娘倍返し  Onichichi Revenge Vol.  ENGLISH SUBTITLED. Enjoy.





ANIME:      Atelier Escha & Logy Alchemists of the Dusk Sky 1.   Kindaichi  2.  Majin Bone 2-. Nisekoi 14. Mushishi Zoku Shou 2. Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii 2. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders2,  best anime this season. Saint Seiya Omega 96-97 END. Hunter x Hunter  120-122. Ace of Diamond 27. Haikyuu 2.  Baby Steps 2. Enjoy.









April 12 2014


HENTAI MANGA:     NEW RELEASE:     [Zucchini] Boku wa Kanojyo no Marmotte! [ズッキーニ] 僕は彼女の実験体! [2014-02-21]. [Hirama Hirokazu] Zettai Koubi Sengen [平間ひろかず] ゼッタイ交尾宣言 [2014-03-20].  [Bai Asuka] Hametorare [唄飛鳥] ハメトラレ [2014-01-31] Enjoy.







HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:   [140328][ミルクセーキ] 美脚性奴会長 亜衣 第1巻 二之宮亜衣編  ENGLISH SUBTITLED. Enjoy.










April 11 2014


HENTAI MANGA:     NEW RELEASE:    [Sadokko] Ryoujyoku Choukyou Album [さどっこ] 凌辱調教アルバム[2014-01-06]. [Inomoto Rikako] Nyancolle [井ノ本リカ子] 娘これ [2013-12-01].  [Takuwan] HERO -Sei no Kyoushitsu- [たくわん] H・ERO-性の教室-[2014-02-21]. Enjoy.







EROGE:     NEW RELEASE:   [140425][Norn-Miel-Cybele] キモメンでも巨根なら人の妻を自分のモノにできる!~美人妻達を受精アクメさせまくれ!目指せ!ハーレムマンション♪~     Enjoy.









April 10 2014


ANIME:      BPing Pong 1.. Herobank 1. Akuma no Riddle 1.  Blade and Soul 1. Love Live S2 1. Aikatsu 77.  Hamatora  12. Majin BOne 1.  Hajime  24-25 END. Enjoy.









April 9 2014


HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:    [140408]Oppai no Ouja 48  Vol. 1 おっぱいの王者48 ENGLISH SUBTITLED/UNCENSORED. Enjoy.









April 8 2014


HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:    [140404][AniMan] やりマン不動産 おすすめ物件はコ・チ・ラ ~女社長はいつも空室あり~ 1号室 Yariman Fudousan.  Enjoy.




HENTAI MANGA:       Comic Potpourri Club 2014-04. Enjoy.










April 7 2014


ANIME:      COMIC_Aun_2014-04.  Comic_Hotmilk_2014_04. Enjoy.






EROGE:     NEW RELEASE:   [140425][Norn-Miel-Cybele] キモメンでも巨根なら人の妻を自分のモノにできる!~美人妻達を受精アクメさせまくれ!目指せ!ハーレムマンション♪~     Enjoy.










April 6 2014


ANIME:      Baby Steps 1. daimidaler  1.  Haikyuu 1.  Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii 1. Ace of Diamond 26. Nisekoi 13. Aikatsu 76. Golden Time  24. Hozuki no Reitetsu 13 END. Magi 24.25. Enjoy.











April 5 2014


HENTAI MAGAZINES:      Comic Shingeki 2014-04.  Comic Shingeki 2014-05. Enjoy.






EROGE:     NEW RELEASE:   [140228][Delta] おねがい助けて!! 2 ~注がれ続ける精液~   Enjoy.










April 4 2014


ANIME:      Mushishi S2 1, T_T, and the masterpiece merely resumes, its as its there is no 9 year gap beatween season 1 and this one, one of the very few masterpieces (in all the extension of the word) of the 2000s, no-one should miss this masterpice. Jojo Stardust Crusaders 1, JOJO IS BACK!!!! .Magi 23. Saint Seiya Omega 95.  Z X Ignition 12 END.Log Horizon 24-25 END.  Sekai Seifuku 11. Gundam Build Fighters 23-24. Hozuki  10-11. Nagi 26. Buddy Complex 13 END. Aikatsu 75. Yowamushi  23. Enjoy.










April 3 2014


HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:  [140328][ピンクパイナップル]フェラピュア ~御手洗さん家の事情~ THE ANIMATION 「朝から晩までしゃぶってあげる」 Fela Pure.  ENGLISH SUBTITLED.   Enjoy.





EROGE:     NEW RELEASE:   [140328] [インターハート INTERHEART] 愛妹恋愛 + 予約特典 JK中出しディスクSeason4 ~ピタマン二本立て~ + マニュアル類     Enjoy.










April 2 2014


3D HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:   [140320] RED GIRL レッドガール対怪人豚男 正義のヒロイン凌辱無残.  Enjoy.






EROGE:     NEW RELEASE:   [140328] [ぱじゃまエクスタシー] らぶらぶらいふ ~お嬢様7人とラブラブハーレム生活~ + Drama CD + Manual     . Enjoy.










April 1 2014


3D HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:   [140320] RED GIRL レッドガール対怪人豚男 正義のヒロイン凌辱無残.  Enjoy.




EROGE:     NEW RELEASE:   [140328] [ad:lib] ドコのドナタの感情経路 + Vocal Collection CD + Manual + Update 1.01 Doko no Donata no Kanjou Root     Shouta’s mother is the Kaguya-hime from fairy tales. This spring, a new transfer student Tsubasa appeared in his class. In her previous life, she was a prince who were rejected by Kaguya-hime. She recognized features of Kaguya-hime in him and fell in love with him at first sight. However, her confession was stopped by other girls who used to be Kaguya-hime’s suitors and who held feelings for him. Enjoy.









March 31 2014


HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:   [140328][PashminaA] いただきっ!セーエキ ~吸血鬼のフルコース~.  Enjoy.





HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:   [140328][ミルクセーキ] 美脚性奴会長 亜衣 第1巻 二之宮亜衣編.  Enjoy.










March 30 2014


HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:   [140328][Collaboration Works]トロピカルKISS ~貧乳だって人間だ! 女の価値は、お乳で決まる! な、訳ないじゃんバカヤロー!! by立夏編~ Tropical Kiss Vol. 3.  Enjoy.







EROGE:     NEW RELEASE:  [140328][ALcot] Clover Days     This is ALcot’s 10th anniversary work, set in the same setting as their debut title Clover Heart’s. Yuuto was abandoned by his parents and raised in an orphanage in Britain. He was adopted by a trader Yoshiomi and brought to Japan. Even though he could hardly speak any Japanese, he was supported by his twin imoutos Anzu and Anri, and his classmates Tsubame and Izumi. They didn’t know the meaning of love, but they laughed and cried together and forged irreplaceable and precious bonds. It’s been 10 years since and both them and their surroundings have changed greatly. But there is one thing which hadn’t changed at all. Another pair of twins, his osananajimi Hekiru and Hikaru, returned to Japan from overseas. “Do you remember… our promise from that day?” Hidden feelings, eternal promises, sincere wishes, lasting regrets. Those ‘feelings’ which had stopped once again began to move. Their ‘Clover Day’s’ begin here. Enjoy.





ANIME:      Chuunibyou 12 END.  Sekai Seifuku 9-10.  Samurai Flamenco 22. Space Dandy 13. Nisekoi 11-12.  Nourin 11-12 END. Kuroko  50.  Kill La Kill 24 END.  Ace of Diamond 25. Golden Time  22-23.  Silver Spoon 11. Enjoy.










March 29 2014


HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:  [140328][PoRO]鬼父2-REVENGE- 「卑されおかっぱお袴ッ娘倍返し  Onichichi Revenge Vol.2.  Enjoy.





HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:   [140328][ピンクパイナップル]鬼作 コアMIX メガ盛り オカズですよ.  Enjoy.












March 27 2014

ANIME:       Buddy Complex 12. Aikatsu 74.  Chuunibyou  12. Z X Ignition 10-11. Nagi no Asukara 24-25. Tokyo Ravens 23-24 END. Super Sonico  11-12 END. Noragami 12 END. Space Dandy 12. Enjoy.













March 26 2014

3D HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:  [140116] 南国の楽園 水着   Enjoy.






ANIME MOVIES:      Bayonetta - Bloody Fate 720p.  Based on the 2009 game, Bayonetta: Bloody Fate follows the story of the witch Bayonetta, as she defeats the blood-thirsty angels and tries to remember her past from before the time she awoke, 20 years ago. Along her side are a mysterious little girl who keeps calling her “Mommy”, a journalist that holds a personal grudge against Bayonetta, and a unknown white-haired woman who seems to know more than she is willing to reveal about Bayonetta’s time before her sleep. Enjoy.






March 25 2014

EROGE:     NEW RELEASE:  [140320]  [SQUEEZ] 炎の孕ませ乳(パイ)ドルマイ★スター学園Z   Enjoy.




HENTAI MAGAZINES:      Comic Tenma April 2014.  Enjoy.






March 24 2014

HENTAI CG:     [140124][akatsuki.WORKS]_Bradyon Veda. [140124][ANIM]_Bradyon Veda  [140124][ANIM]_Hirusagari no Danchi In Tsuma 3. [140127][Triangle]_Mahou Senshi Extra Stage 2.  [140131][complets]_Shotamane Boku ga Manager ni Natta Wake. [140131][Skyfish]_Shin Shirogane no Soleil -ReANSWER-. [140131][ammolite]_Momoiro Renge.  Enjoy.







March 23 2014

ANIME:     Kill La Kill 22-23. Strike the Blood  22. Z X Ignition 9.   . Hamatora  11.  Space Dandy  11. Buddy Complex 9. Kuroko  49.  Uchuu Kyoudai 99 END,T_T the best anime for the past 2 years now ends, SAD, but it caught up to the manga, hopefully it resume sin the future.  Ace of Diamond 24. Buddy Complex 11.  Nagi  24. Enjoy.







March 22 2014

EROGE:     NEW RELEASE:  [140321]  完全主観仮想風俗 ルリの場合.     Enjoy.







March 21 2014

HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:  [140228]  Grope Little Birds in the Darkness Grope ~闇の中の小鳥達~ Vol. 1-2 .     Enjoy.












March 20 2014

ANIME:       Hozuki  9. Sekai Seifuku  8.  Yowamushi  22.  Magi 22.  Nourin 8-10. Log Horizon 23. Aikatsu 73.  Gundam  22.  Hajime  23.  Chuunibyou  9-10, Saint Seiya Omega 93.  Silver Spoon  10. Enjoy.








March 19 2014

HENTAI CG:      [140131][HOOKSOFT] MeltyMoment.  [140131][a-kaguya BARE BUNNY] Baku Ane Otouto Shibocchau zo.  [140124][tsurumiku] Festival!! Tsurumiku Wars. [140124][MAIKA] Gakuen Sei Senshi Sailor Knight 2. [140131][TinkerBell] Fuka no Jugoku. [140124][millefeuille] Mahou Shoujo Shizuru. Enjoy.







March 18 2014

HENTAI MANGA:      [Dr.P] Momoiro Daydream [Dr.P] ももいろデイドリーム [2013-07-11].[Nishi Iori] Otona ga Omocha [西安] おとながおもちゃ [2013-01-30]. Meme50] Limit Breaaak!!!!
[メメ50] りみっとぶれいく! [2012-02-25]






ANIME MOVIE::      Toward the Terra BLURAY 720p. Five hundred years ago, mankind abandoned Earth after the devastation it caused on her soil. For efficiency, and to make sure not to repeat the same mistakes, men are now grown in test tubes and have their minds reprogrammed at the tender age of fourteen, so that they may better function in society. The central computer known as Universal Control manages the system, destroying those that deviate. And amongst these humans is Jomy Marcus Shin, a young man who is about to be dubbed a traitor once they discover he is a Mu, a monster with telepathic powers that will disrupt their way of life...   Enjoy.






March 17 2014

HENTAI MANGA:      [bobobo] Mucchiri Sukebe [ボボボ] むっちりすけべ  [2014-03-31].  [Takitomo Tsuguo] fuwa-toro kanojo [滝智次朗] ふわとろカノジョ [2013-08-05]  [Bosshi] Momojiri Joshi [ぼっしぃ] 桃尻女子 [2012-08-05] Enjoy.








March 16 2014

ANIME:      Ace of Diamond 23. Space Dandy 10. Kuroko  48.  Uchuu Kyoudai 98. Nagi  20. Noragami 10-11. Buddy Complex 10.  Nisekoi 10. Nagi  22. Tokyo Ravens 21-22. Super Sonico  10. Log Horizon 22. Enjoy.








March 15 2014

HENTAI MANGA:     NEW RELEASE:      [Aoi Hitori, Izayoi Seishin & Yamasaki Masato] Metamorphose ~Celeb Tsuma no Seien~ [葵ヒトリ, 十六夜清心 & 山咲まさと] メタモルフォーゼ ~セレブ妻の性宴~ + 「メッセージペーパー」 [2013-12-28].  [Enomoto Hidehira] Papilla Heat Up [榎本ひでひら] 乳頭ひーとあっぷ + 描き下ろしリーフレット. [Hyji] Low Return -Toshiue no Imouto- [灰司] ローリターン ~年上の妹~ [2008-12-25] Enjoy.







March 14 2014

HHENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:  [140228] JKとオーク兵団 ~悪豚鬼に凌虐された聖女学園~ / JK to Orc Heidan: Aku Buta Oni ni Ryougyaku Sareta Seijo Gakuen  Vol. 2 ENGLISH SUBTITLED.     Enjoy.





3D EROGE:     NEW RELEASE:  [140228] [Frill] 凛戒学園.  Enjoy.





March 13 2014

HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:  [140228] [ ピンクパイナップル] 椎葉さんのウラの顔。 with イモートリップ / Shiiba-san no Ura no Kao ENGLISH SUBTITLED   Enjoy.





ANIME:      Hxh 119.  Kill La Kill 21. Strike the Blood  21. Z X Ignition 8.  Golden Time  21. Samurai Flamenco 20. Hamatora  9- 10.  Silver Spoon  9. Aikatsu 72.  Buddy Complex 9. Enjoy.







March 12 2014

HENTAI MOVIES:     NEW RELEASE:  [140308][ BUST TO BUST-ちちはちちに- 続続・ちょっとくらい腐ってるのが美味いんですよ?   Enjoy.




3D EROGE:     NEW RELEASE:  [140228] [OLE-M] 催眠クラス ~女子全員、知らないうちに妊娠してました~.  Enjoy.







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